Educate 150 Children in Kananga/DRC

Educate 150 Children in Kananga/DRC

Children Hope Forever is a social enterprise non profit organization based in Kananga, DRC. The project is focused on educating children who are being removed from the mining sector but cannot afford to pay for a place in school in order to gain an education.The project will enable 150 children go to school for one year in Kananga. The project will pay for the children’s school fees, buy shoes, uniforms provide three meals a day and pay for teachers salaries. Education changes lives.


Poverty,War and hard work make most the children in this area not to attend school. The problem started with the war the children working in the mines as well as child. The beneficiaries of the project will be children at Risk in village from the age of 6 to 18 years old. a school must be repair for them to attend .


Our priority is to tackles the problem that prevent those children from accessing a basic education& health care and responding to others needs they have. We hope to achieve this to improve their well being and environment by providing basic education and food this will give them more opportunities in life changing their conditions. Eg: Help bring Education to the village by rebuild a school and a clinic that will bring innovation to the village so the children can gain an education.

Long-Term Impact

To support children with a better long term education, entrepreneurship that will give them opportunity to come out from the hardship life of misery, hard labor. To stop the lost of having a future .This will bring more open door and less children to go army and mining land less poverty, and will make a better educational services changing lives. Connect to the social media: Goal: we will like to have more children in this project, changing lives, get a certificate on that village .

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